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Create a grand entrance with helium balloons
When you see a balloon arch or balloon towers at an entrance you know the event is going to be something extra special.

Balloon towers

Add impact with fantasy towers and tall balloon columns
Fantasy towers and tall balloon columns add the fun element to any event and look amazing at entrances. They are also perfect for dance floors and room decor. As the name suggests (fantasy) they can be themed to any occasion (pirates, mardi-gras, hollywood, underwater etc).

Balloon arch with letters or numbers

Spell it out in giant word or letter balloons (1 metre tall)
Giant letters and word balloons create a big impact and they are perfect for company promotions, 21st birthdays and corporate events.

8ft tall balloon colimn with 3ft topper balloon

Giant 8ft balloon columns
Balloon columns make a great entrance feature and can look imposing either side of a stage. They can be themed to suit your function (Masquerade, Casino, Hollywood etc) and created in any colour combination with a spiral in the design.

Themed balloon columns

Balloon column entrance
These giant balloon columns provided an entrance to a Rugby themed event. Balloon columns can have stars or round shaped balloons on the top and can also be created in pattern balloons.

Balloon arches created by Helium Balloons & Events, Auckland

Balloon tower arches are great for making an entrance statement
Make sure your wedding or party guests know there is something special about the event they are about to enter by creating a grand entrance with a balloon pillar arch. Pillar arches can be tall or short and have a spiral in the balloon design. Select any balloon colour combination. Follow your theme through with matching table or floor balloon bouquets.

Yellow , black and white balloon arch, Auckland Party Hire

Balloon arches come in all colours and different designs
There are so many different balloon arch styles like the poodle arch (above left image) and the spiral arch (above image right). Same colours / different look.

Balloon arches, Party Hire

Balloon arches are great for entrances and walkways
Whatever style you like or colours we can create a balloon arch to suit your event.

Multi-coloured balloon arch,  Auckland

Rainbow coloured balloon arch
Balloon arches can be created in corporate colour spirals or block colour. We can also use different types of balloons to create the effect you want. Pearltone balloons give a softer look (ideal weddings and corporate events). Whilst, jewel tone balloons tend to be more vibrant in colours making them ideal for birthday parties.

Balloon clusters

Balloon clusters for walls, fences, decks, balconies — $15 each
Balloon clusters are perfect for decorating outdoor areas like driveways, entrances and balconies.

Giant party balloon bouquet

Make sure everyone knows where the party is! — $85
This giant balloon bouquet is ideal for entrances, either side of a stage or on the dance floor.

Balloon arches

Balloon arches can be used indoor or outdoor
Balloon arches can be made to any size or length and can be used outdoors if weather permits.

Balloon arches

Themed balloon arches
Balloon arches can be themed in any colour and can include a spiral design if required.

Structured and freeflowing balloon arches

Select the balloon arch that suits your event
Balloon arches can be free flowing or more structured in design depending on the look you want to achieve.

Balloon arches

Let us create a magical balloon arch for your event!

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